I wish I could bottle up

This pause from life

That has brought happiness and rest

To a stressed out family

That gives so much

To others that we neglect ourselves

In the daily grind of life.

Our senses are alive,

Our joy is present,

Our love for each other

Glows in the reflection

Of friends and strangers.


Mammoth 2016


Our Mammoth in July

Gathering is history

Twenty-six of us made memories

That will stay with us forever–

     Convict Lake fishing;

     Kayaking at June Lake Beach;

     Trekking to Lake Tioga,

     Catching more fish than ever;

     Nightly family dinners;

     A birthday celebrated;

     Poolside conversations;

     Fierce tennis matches;

     Laughter, stories, and a card trick or two.

Throughout the year we’ll

Call up these snapshots

With a smile on our faces

Reminding us of the fun we had

Celebrating friends and family

In the mountains.