Last Year

This time last year I had

No idea the roads I would

Travel to get here.

I knew I was on the brink

Of self-discoveries,

Venturing outside my comfort zone,

Seeking truth in work and life,

Finding pain and anger

In places I didn’t expect,

Took me off course

More than once.

Yet through it all

I’ve learned to

Let in joy and love,

Travel to where the light lives,

Embrace the people I love,

(Including me), and

Enjoy the journey

One day at a time.


My Next Book

I started my next book this year,

Found my voice and spoke up more,

Asked more questions,

Was more selfish with time for me,

Making me a priority.

But there are more chapters to fill,

More stories to write

About deeper spirituality,

Greater love,

Sacred friendships,

Better health,

Travel adventures,

Beautiful music,

Knowing myself better, and hopefully,

Making the world a better place.

Bags and Backpacks


Their bags and backpacks

Stand ready to go

As they grab their last night’s

Sleep at home for three days.

Where their adventure takes them

Only the bags and backpacks will know.

I did not check them

Since they are of the age to make

Such decisions.

Sadness will surely strike in the morn

When the buses arrive

To take them on this journey

Of theirs.

I wish them well and whisper

Sweet love to the

Bags and backpacks that will be

Where I cannot.

Grand Canyon

My first vision
Of you was unexpected.
Cloaked in white fog
I could not see you
In all your glory.
I could not witness
The nooks and crannies
Of your grandness
Among all canyons.
But knowing you
Were there all along
Seduced me.
Made me long for
Something more.
I could imagine you
In my mind but
Could not see
Further than my hand
At arm’s length.
I waited for daybreak
To see the sun glisten
Upon you.
It took my breath
Away as I could gaze
Into your world
And find one of nature’s
Wonders right in
Front of me.
The site was miraculous,
Almost surreal in
The various layers
Of purple, blue, and brown.
Had I not waited for
the unveiling
I might have missed
The chance to appreciate you
All the more.