Feeding My Soul

I have lived a life

In denial and shame

For a love that took me

Down a path of self-destruction.

I did not feed my soul

During these years.

My eyes have opened now,

The fog has cleared

And for the first time

I’m being honest with myself,

Learning more about the

Soul food found in

Hope and faith

And courage and integrity.

Because of this

I am willing, God, to be


To find discipline

In loving myself

To persevere in the face of fear

To be spiritually aware,

And to be of service to others

Every day.


Rain of Truth

I’m on the fast track train

That doesn’t stop for anyone.

It keeps hurtling through time

Without consequence.

Face to the wind,

I feel the rain of truth

Hitting me,

Stinging and cold.

That’s what a rash of

God’s revelations feels like

When you don’t have time

To process one before

Another comes your way,

Whether you were searching

For them or not.

These truths will break you

Turn you inside out

Make you question everything

So you can become whole again

With the grace of

God’s abiding love.

I Wish

I wish . . .

Much peace and love

In everything you do.


I wish . . .

Joy and happiness

Each and every day.


I wish . . .

For a world of inclusion and compassion

For all.


I wish . . .

We would love ourselves

As much as we love others.


I wish . . .

For a year filled with

Growth and empowerment.


I wish . . .

Nothing but the best

For you and yours.

Last Year

This time last year I had

No idea the roads I would

Travel to get here.

I knew I was on the brink

Of self-discoveries,

Venturing outside my comfort zone,

Seeking truth in work and life,

Finding pain and anger

In places I didn’t expect,

Took me off course

More than once.

Yet through it all

I’ve learned to

Let in joy and love,

Travel to where the light lives,

Embrace the people I love,

(Including me), and

Enjoy the journey

One day at a time.

My Next Book

I started my next book this year,

Found my voice and spoke up more,

Asked more questions,

Was more selfish with time for me,

Making me a priority.

But there are more chapters to fill,

More stories to write

About deeper spirituality,

Greater love,

Sacred friendships,

Better health,

Travel adventures,

Beautiful music,

Knowing myself better, and hopefully,

Making the world a better place.

Passion and Purpose

You are miracles

Of Faith and Hope,

True blessings from God.

You are stunning

Testaments to a mother’s love,

A father’s dream,

A life-changing pursuit

Of passion and purpose.

I am often left awestruck

In your presence,

Feeling all the magical moments

Of my two wise souls.

My heart breaks in

A million pieces when

You hurt, leaving me

Sad and powerless.

Love is my gift to you.

I simply ask that you

Be true to yourselves

In all that you do.

Holiday Perfection

My body finally caved into

The stress of recent

Days, weeks, months

Feeling stretched in all

Ways of

Mind, body, soul.

My voice does not sound like me,

My throat feels like a home

To shards of glass,

My chest hurts with each cough.

I feel a deep brokenness

Rage within me

As I try to reconcile

Conversations with actions,

Feelings with words,

Love with consequences.

It must be that magical time

Of heightened expectations

For holiday perfection.