There for You

The noise in a room full of chatter

Became too much for your soul

To bear.

The world came tumbling down

In a moment.

I sought to comfort you

Like my child, trying to ease the pain.

I blocked out everyone,

Caring only for you.

I desperately wanted you to

Fight the tears and confusion

But knew that would not pass

As I gently stroke your hair to

Let you know I was there

For you, mom.



We live in a constant state

Of being different people–









How different would our lives feel

If we simply could just



Imagine the freedom of

Letting our true selves

Live in the moment.


Imagine the relief of

Expressing ourselves without

Fear and judgement.


Imagine a world of

Loving ourselves with abandon

So we could better love others





Grace of the Unknown

The grace of the unknown

Revealed itself many times over

In this new decade of my life.

The blessings were plentiful

As I sought to find myself

Outside the layers of me

I present to the world.

I found quiet strength,

I found love of self,

I found a new voice,

In the face of darkness

And the warmth of brillance.

This year’s journey took many paths

Yet, I am here

Still standing, seeking

Goodness in everything I do

And in everyone I love.

Peace of a Thousand Whales

May the peace of a thousand

Whales grace us today

And every day

As we find our way in this

Upside-down world.

May we find the courage to

Speak our truth always,

Love often,

Seek compassion daily.

Our humanity must rise to the occasion

To take a stand

That forces good over evil

In everything we do.

For if not, we are no better

Than the perpetrators

Of hate that divide

The universe.


These waves crash upon me


Pulling me down

To the depths of no return.

I lose my breath,

My footing,

And all worldly goods

For a moment of time

That I can’t get back.

I try to rise above,

Following the rays of sun

That are buried deep

In the waters of my mind.

I raise my hands

To reach out

For love and understanding

Asking for God’s mercy

Once more.