Finding My Purpose

Driving back home along the Pacific coast,

I saw the sun sparkle off the water,

The Channel Islands just beyond reach.

In that moment I felt something shift

Inside me as I

Remembered all the conversations

From the weekend,

The stories shared

The pain unraveled

The healing laughter.

God led me to this road, asked me

To follow it, to trust in Him for

My health and spirit.

I was ready to listen,

To lay down my fears and failures,

Free myself from the past,

Let go and just be

So I could find my purpose

On this new journey ahead.


Grace of the Unknown

The grace of the unknown

Revealed itself many times over

In this new decade of my life.

The blessings were plentiful

As I sought to find myself

Outside the layers of me

I present to the world.

I found quiet strength,

I found love of self,

I found a new voice,

In the face of darkness

And the warmth of brillance.

This year’s journey took many paths

Yet, I am here

Still standing, seeking

Goodness in everything I do

And in everyone I love.



Our journey took us

From fine wine in San Francisco

To a bucket of beers at an

Off-the-beaten path

Diner with a lakefront view.

We laughed and marveled

At the range of our experiences

Within 24 hours but we wouldn’t

Have it any other way.

We found a table of four with

Fun-loving retirees who made us smile.

We returned the favor

With a round of drinks

We paid forward without their knowledge

While they enjoyed the most

Fabulous burgers in the state.

We wished them well

On our way back to our car

Feeling on top of the world.

Walk 32: Layers

Our lives are like

A cake of 100 layers.

Each experience,




Makes us who we are.

The sum of us

Is greater than the pieces

We pick up along the way.

God sees that,

Recognizing the gifts He gives us

Don’t always make sense.

Perspective takes time to

Understand, to embrace.

Each layer in our journey

Is a story to tell,

A gift to unwrap,

A piece of us to share.


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Moms and Daughters

We are moms and daughters

Who love loving the people

In our lives.

We are women in different seasons,

From new teenagers to 80-something.

We watch our daughters in awe

As they talk about their lives–

The challenges and joys,

Laughter and tears,

Hopes and dreams.

Our mom selves listen intently

Before sharing our stories

From earlier lives

When we didn’t know our path.

Our journeys have molded us

Into our womanhood that we

Hope to pass on to our daughters

Gathered around today

To celebrate us.


In my heart I know

This journey of mine

Is not mine alone

Or one that I am fully leading.

If I listen closely

I can hear Him guiding me,

Even in the midst of confusion,

Bringing me to others

Who have much to share

In their stories of journeys

They have traveled.

I am a student of life

Soaking up God’s love

Trying to hear Him call

My name in a noisy world.