Peace of a Thousand Whales

May the peace of a thousand

Whales grace us today

And every day

As we find our way in this

Upside-down world.

May we find the courage to

Speak our truth always,

Love often,

Seek compassion daily.

Our humanity must rise to the occasion

To take a stand

That forces good over evil

In everything we do.

For if not, we are no better

Than the perpetrators

Of hate that divide

The universe.



Exhaustion envelopes me

With such force

As sleepless nights,

Stressful days catch up

In one fell swoop,

Knocking me down

Without warning.

I have lost my energy,

My wherewithal,

My faith

In a world that has

Gone sideways.

The Eve of Ambivalence

On this eve before

The White House changes staffs,

Ambivalence washes over me

Like a wave crashing the shore.

I’m not sure how the force of

A new administration

Will affect our country.

The stakes are high,

I’m afraid.

My optimism is fading

With each passing minute

As the prospect of

Hostility permeates the air

With the odor of hate,

The disease of indifference,

The taste of inequality.

I pray for the collective strength

Of a nation under God,

To help us change the tides

Toward peace and goodwill

For everyone.


“The RESISTANCE POETRY WALL has been opened in response to the call by many for an open place to post poetry about the recent USA elections. Poets from around the world are invited to post. Feel free to share this link.”

Lead by Example

And so we begin again.

The world is watching

Our every move

As we navigate the unthinkable.

Let us find our souls

To do good works,

Show compassion,

Help our country heal.

We still live freely

In democracy.

The trick is to rise

Toward the sun

Lift our hearts up

Spread peace and joy

Wherever we go.

It is a new beginning

And a call to lead by example.

We are America,

One nation under God.

Response to Writer’s Quote Challenge

Collective Conscience

My stomach is churning

As I watch in disbelief

Of a debate between candidates

Who are vying to lead our country.

One is off the cuff, rude, self-absorbed.

The other displays humility, focus, eloquence.

The work the winning candidate

Faces is daunting in this

Torn-apart world.

I have the power to make

My voice heard on voting day

But I worry for future generations

About what could happen

If the wrong candidate wins.

I pray for this country

That our collective conscience

Overrides the political machine

That has come undone.


Wealth comes in many forms,

If only we could recognize them

In love, family, spirit.

The world doesn’t recognize

These gifts for it revolves

Around money,

The haves and have nots.

The gap between the two

Grows wider every day,

With every act of violence

Stacking the odds against

Peace among the people.

Where did we go wrong?

How did our obsession

For material gain

Push us back so far

From what matters most?