Plan B

Our trip took many

Twists and turns before

We even left.

And yet, plan B turned out

To be such a blessing of

Unplanned adventure,

In between quiet moments and

Urban wine trails.

Truths revealed themselves

With grace and honesty

In the compassionate embrace

Of soul-deep friendship

That blossomed in the beauty

Of the Santa Barbara sun.




Our journey took us

From fine wine in San Francisco

To a bucket of beers at an

Off-the-beaten path

Diner with a lakefront view.

We laughed and marveled

At the range of our experiences

Within 24 hours but we wouldn’t

Have it any other way.

We found a table of four with

Fun-loving retirees who made us smile.

We returned the favor

With a round of drinks

We paid forward without their knowledge

While they enjoyed the most

Fabulous burgers in the state.

We wished them well

On our way back to our car

Feeling on top of the world.

Epic Night


It all started with a tryst in room 1440

We made the reservation time just barely

Carrying our favorite wine

To the best seat in the house

Overlooking San Francisco Bay.

Anniversary wishes were showered on us

Upon arrival.

Servers, sommeliers, managers

Treated us like royalty.

They said we were their favorite couple

That night we celebrated.

And then there was the food,

So utterly divine

Followed by mind-blowing desserts

To cap off the most epic night

In our lives.

Mammoth 2016


Our Mammoth in July

Gathering is history

Twenty-six of us made memories

That will stay with us forever–

     Convict Lake fishing;

     Kayaking at June Lake Beach;

     Trekking to Lake Tioga,

     Catching more fish than ever;

     Nightly family dinners;

     A birthday celebrated;

     Poolside conversations;

     Fierce tennis matches;

     Laughter, stories, and a card trick or two.

Throughout the year we’ll

Call up these snapshots

With a smile on our faces

Reminding us of the fun we had

Celebrating friends and family

In the mountains.




Grand Canyon

My first vision
Of you was unexpected.
Cloaked in white fog
I could not see you
In all your glory.
I could not witness
The nooks and crannies
Of your grandness
Among all canyons.
But knowing you
Were there all along
Seduced me.
Made me long for
Something more.
I could imagine you
In my mind but
Could not see
Further than my hand
At arm’s length.
I waited for daybreak
To see the sun glisten
Upon you.
It took my breath
Away as I could gaze
Into your world
And find one of nature’s
Wonders right in
Front of me.
The site was miraculous,
Almost surreal in
The various layers
Of purple, blue, and brown.
Had I not waited for
the unveiling
I might have missed
The chance to appreciate you
All the more.