Simple yet powerful.

We often know it

Without wanting to acknowledge it

Buried under layers,

When uncovered it transforms us

To follow our hearts

Where truth lives.

Our minds play tricks,

Enabling truth to hide

In the crevices of our thoughts.

Our life’s challenge is to

Find our own truth

And be set free.



This churning inside me

Takes in all the outside forces

Of my world

Mixes in all my internal thoughts

Blends it all into a chaotic mess

That is mine to discern,

To throw out or up,

To claim or deny,

To embrace or let go.

This inward tension

Pulls at me like a

Centrifugal force,

Exhausting every cell I have

Into nothingness.

Fall from Grace

I will remember this year

Of unexpected moments

For the rest of my life

With the hope that the pain

Diminishes over time.

Heroes and mentors

Always hold a special

Place in our hearts.

They make us believe

In the power of intellect,

The beauty of discipline,

The grace of truth.

We set these pedestals

High for believing requires

Extraordinary faith in humans.

We don’t want them to

Fall from grace.

It is better to keep the dream alive

Than to face the reality

Of shattered expectations,

Smoldering anger,

A betrayal beyond comprehension.

Wrestling these emotions

Comes with a price

That can’t be bargained.

We become guarded

We don’t trust

We lose a little of ourselves

In the process of

Trying to understand

What happened to those

We hold dear.

Holiday Perfection

My body finally caved into

The stress of recent

Days, weeks, months

Feeling stretched in all

Ways of

Mind, body, soul.

My voice does not sound like me,

My throat feels like a home

To shards of glass,

My chest hurts with each cough.

I feel a deep brokenness

Rage within me

As I try to reconcile

Conversations with actions,

Feelings with words,

Love with consequences.

It must be that magical time

Of heightened expectations

For holiday perfection.


We live in a constant state

Of being different people–









How different would our lives feel

If we simply could just



Imagine the freedom of

Letting our true selves

Live in the moment.


Imagine the relief of

Expressing ourselves without

Fear and judgement.


Imagine a world of

Loving ourselves with abandon

So we could better love others





Shifting Tides

Our lives are ever-changing

In the ordinariness of living,

Growing from the inside out,

Shifting tides of being.

Searching for wholeness

In a fragmented world

Can seem like a losing battle

Until you give it up to God,

Letting Him fill you up,

Leading the way to the

Path of your intention

That was yours all along,

Just waiting for you to

Take the first step

In your own time.