Grace of the Unknown

The grace of the unknown

Revealed itself many times over

In this new decade of my life.

The blessings were plentiful

As I sought to find myself

Outside the layers of me

I present to the world.

I found quiet strength,

I found love of self,

I found a new voice,

In the face of darkness

And the warmth of brillance.

This year’s journey took many paths

Yet, I am here

Still standing, seeking

Goodness in everything I do

And in everyone I love.


Letting Go

I am in a season of change,

Letting go of pieces of me

That don’t fit anymore,

Making room for new ones

That I pick up along the way

My path of self-discovery.

In this journey I have collected

Rocks of courage,

Of strength,

Of determination

To help me find the me

That has been buried

In the chaos of life

Yet was always there

Waiting for the right time

To blossom in the process of

Letting go.


Walking down the hall,

Attending a meeting,

Talking with a friend,

Listening to heartfelt songs,

Watching the world go by

Constantly release emotional triggers

That hit me so hard they knock me

Down to the ground daily,

Sometimes hourly,

Depleting my reserves,

My will,

My strength.

I pray for peace every day and night,

Hoping one day soon it is bestowed

Upon me so my soul

Can make space for joy

In my heart once again.


These waves crash upon me


Pulling me down

To the depths of no return.

I lose my breath,

My footing,

And all worldly goods

For a moment of time

That I can’t get back.

I try to rise above,

Following the rays of sun

That are buried deep

In the waters of my mind.

I raise my hands

To reach out

For love and understanding

Asking for God’s mercy

Once more.


I am more of who I am

Instead of what others expect me to be.

I am a thinker, a feeler, a processor of life.


I use my voice more

Shining the light where needed

As I will not stay silent

When so much wrong happens.


I am more dangerous

With my conversations,

My thoughts,

My desires to speak my mind

Without fear or embarrassment.


I want more for me

In the things that give me joy

The people who make me smile

And the time I spend alone

To recharge and reflect.