In my heart I know

This journey of mine

Is not mine alone

Or one that I am fully leading.

If I listen closely

I can hear Him guiding me,

Even in the midst of confusion,

Bringing me to others

Who have much to share

In their stories of journeys

They have traveled.

I am a student of life

Soaking up God’s love

Trying to hear Him call

My name in a noisy world.

Path of Light

The burden of responsibility

Can push you down

To depths you never knew existed.

It can break you into pieces

That may never be whole again.

Survival is the only accessible mode

To keep going, moving on,

One foot in front of the other.

Some days are tougher than others

As your autopilot light fades away.

Keep your eyes on the road,

Focus on the horizon of hope,

Follow the path of light

That is yours for the asking.