Feeling lost in my life

Drowning in things beyond my control

Losing my mind to find acceptance

So I can move forward

Instead of backward and downward.

I must break this cycle before

It breaks me.

God, help me

Find my way

Follow your path

Rise to the occasion of

All you have in store for me.

Train Wreck

I’m walking a fine line between

Doing what’s expected of me

And not

Because I have no faith in the task

That is thrust upon me.

It is tearing me apart

As I’ve always done what’s asked

Yet every bone in my body tells me

To stop the insanity.

I fear the consequences of speaking up

Could cause great pain

And yet if I don’t I will have failed.

This burden weighs heavy on me

As I sit and watch another train wreck

About to happen.

I don’t know God’s plan in all this

But I hope it is revealed soon before

I become undone by it all.



While we Americans live in interesting times

We are still a nation borne out of freedom,

Thanks to the principles our forefathers

Had the brilliance to document in

The Declaration of Independence.

And for that I am forever grateful

For the privilege to live in this

Less than perfect country we call home,

Celebrating our Day of Independence.


Finding yourself at the precipice

Of a long journey

Climbing a hundred million steps up

Discovering that you’ve left behind

The you of your past

The fear that held you back

The anger that kept you there

Replaced with the knowledge of your own wisdom

The understanding of your metamorphosis

The awareness that the emerging

New you might be a threat to some,

An acceptance by those who love you

And the greatest sense of liberation

That will free your spirit to

Accomplish what you were meant to do

On your own terms.

God’s Messages

God brings people in our life

To deliver messages

In ways we don’t often understand,

Often taking years to comprehend.

People come into your life for a reason,

They are God’s messengers to

Show you the light,

Sometimes the darkness,

To live your life,

Make choices,

Discover who you are,

Find your way to make a difference.

Messages come in many forms–

Personal journeys,

Life-changing conversations,

Heartache and love.

It is up to us to recognize these gifts

Given to us through God’s love

To spread goodness in a world

Gone crazy.

Wounds of Betrayal

The questions are coming,

Threatening to break open

The wounds of betrayal

That keep haunting me.

Information is the only currency

That counts in a world where

Trust is nothing but a disguise

Of convenience.

Integrity cannot exist under such

Dubious conditions.

Anger rises,

Nearly choking me.

I want to flee

But my legs won’t move.

My heart carries this burden

Deep inside.

With God’s grace, I pray

That the hurt will subside

So I can find my way toward the

Light once more.

Release of Forgiveness

Forgiving the hurt, pain, anger

Has weighed on my soul

For days and months and years.

Though I know flailing about in this space

Does me no good,

I have not been ready to let go.

A wise friend shared

That forgiveness doesn’t mean

Accepting what the other person did.

Instead, it sets you free

To move forward

To love

To be

To release and let in joy

Without boundaries in your heart.