Strength appears in

Many different ways,

Some obvious, some not.


Determination feeds my strength,

Perseverance grows my strength,

Self-love sustains my strength.


I hold onto these pillars

When the storms blow in

Wrecking havoc everywhere.


The journey of life

Is a gift we often take for granted

For we spend little time listening

To what it has to teach us.

I am learning that we must

Find our strength

For no one will give it to us.


For My Husband

I know it has been like

Living with a stranger lately,

This woman beside you

Who is not quite the same

Person you met 24 years ago.

For she is growing in all sorts

Of ways.

She is seeing truths

Long buried.

She is feeling emotions

Long buried.

She is seeking answers

Long buried.

Be patient with her,

Honor her changes,

Make room for her,

Let her flail about,

Brood when she needs to,

Laugh when she can,

Love when she is ready.

The shedding of layers

Takes time,



God is working through her,

On this journey.

Have faith that she will be worth

The wait.

Worth the Ride

It enveloped me

Without warning,

Leaving me dumbfounded,


Unprepared for the tidal waves

That would come.

It scared me,

Frightened me,

Emboldened me

To speak my truth,

That keeps unfolding

By the hour on some days.

I am trying to hang on,

Sometimes with white knuckles,

To understand God’s plan

On this treacherous journey

That often doesn’t make sense

Though I have faith

That the other side

Will be worth the ride.

Feeding My Soul

I have lived a life

In denial and shame

For a love that took me

Down a path of self-destruction.

I did not feed my soul

During these years.

My eyes have opened now,

The fog has cleared

And for the first time

I’m being honest with myself,

Learning more about the

Soul food found in

Hope and faith

And courage and integrity.

Because of this

I am willing, God, to be


To find discipline

In loving myself

To persevere in the face of fear

To be spiritually aware,

And to be of service to others

Every day.


Courage often finds me

Unexpectedly when I thought

I had none.

It shines in the darkness

Helping me find my way

To the truths I am afraid to see

That keep knocking on my door.

Courage fills me with longing

To do what’s right under

Soul-crushing circumstances.

I feel God in these moments, lifting me up

When I want to run.

God is courage living

Inside me.

Rain of Truth

I’m on the fast track train

That doesn’t stop for anyone.

It keeps hurtling through time

Without consequence.

Face to the wind,

I feel the rain of truth

Hitting me,

Stinging and cold.

That’s what a rash of

God’s revelations feels like

When you don’t have time

To process one before

Another comes your way,

Whether you were searching

For them or not.

These truths will break you

Turn you inside out

Make you question everything

So you can become whole again

With the grace of

God’s abiding love.