Wounds of Betrayal

The questions are coming,

Threatening to break open

The wounds of betrayal

That keep haunting me.

Information is the only currency

That counts in a world where

Trust is nothing but a disguise

Of convenience.

Integrity cannot exist under such

Dubious conditions.

Anger rises,

Nearly choking me.

I want to flee

But my legs won’t move.

My heart carries this burden

Deep inside.

With God’s grace, I pray

That the hurt will subside

So I can find my way toward the

Light once more.

Release of Forgiveness

Forgiving the hurt, pain, anger

Has weighed on my soul

For days and months and years.

Though I know flailing about in this space

Does me no good,

I have not been ready to let go.

A wise friend shared

That forgiveness doesn’t mean

Accepting what the other person did.

Instead, it sets you free

To move forward

To love

To be

To release and let in joy

Without boundaries in your heart.


In my heart I know

This journey of mine

Is not mine alone

Or one that I am fully leading.

If I listen closely

I can hear Him guiding me,

Even in the midst of confusion,

Bringing me to others

Who have much to share

In their stories of journeys

They have traveled.

I am a student of life

Soaking up God’s love

Trying to hear Him call

My name in a noisy world.