I Do


When I said “I do”

I knew I loved you,

I knew we were meant to be

I knew you were my soulmate

I knew God brought us together.


When I said “I do”

I didn’t know the depths of love,

I didn’t know the strength we had,

I didn’t know the challenges ahead,

I didn’t know the fear of the unknown.


When I said “I do”

I believed in you,

I believed in love,

I believed in fate,

I believed in us.


When I said “I do”

I couldn’t imagine the beauty of ordinary days,

I couldn’t understand the joy of bringing life into the world,

I couldn’t comprehend how fast time passes,

I couldn’t know how much more I’d love you 20 years later.


My Summer Bucket List

This summer will not pass me by

For I cannot get that time back ever.

It will be a summer of no regrets,

A summer of love,

A summer that I make my own.


I will spend it in

Ways that give me joy–

More time outside than inside,

More laughter and less tears,

More music, theater, poetry under the stars.


I will seek pleasure

That knocks my socks off

In all sorts of ways.


I will be present in

The moments I share with my love,

The time spent with my friends,

The fun I have with my daughters.


It will be a summer I create,

Filled with memories

Of a lifetime.

When Love Grows

When love grows

It opens our hearts

To find new ways

Of being us.

It reaches the deepest parts

Of who we are

To shine light on

Who we want to be.


When love grows

We flourish

In spite of ourselves,

We become

A little more wiser,

We evolve

Ourselves and each other.


When love grows

I shed my pain

To make room for joy

So that I am ready for you

Once again.

Decades of Me

In my 20s, I searched all around

To find myself, my purpose in life.

I was on hot pursuit to find love

With all the wrong men.

Then I stopped looking

And found my love next door.


In my 30s, I became his wife,

Learning what that meant,

Embracing my new role

With all my being.

Then life tested us

In several ways,

Blessing us with twins

In the end.


In my 40s, I took on motherhood,

Wifehood, careerhood

With everything I had,

Marveling at how multitasking

Became my default mode.


Now, in my 50s,

I am enjoying reconnecting

With me, my passions, my joys

To find more balance in life,

In love,

In everything I do

To bring joy to me

To bring joy to you

To bring joy to us.

Date Night

We reserve the second

Saturday night of each month

For date night.

Last night was a beautiful one,

Indulging ourselves in a

Fancy theater that

Served food and wine

While we lost ourselves in

La La Land, the perfect movie

For a night with my soul mate.

Later, we talked about our dreams

And our love over a port and beer

In a charming little wine bar

Over candlelight and music.

We ended the night at home

Remembering our early times together

And sparking our passion

With a renewed sense of us.

Twins Love

Love runs deep

Between these two.

When you are lucky

Enough to witness it

In action it takes your

Breath away.

Case in point:

She wanted to

Use her free dress pass

On their birthday.

Her twin was sad

Because as much as

They like to be different

On their birthday

She wanted them

To be alike, in school uniforms

On the most important day.

Words were said,

Tears were shed,

Hugs were given

When her sister said

“I didn’t realize how important

This was to you.

I will use my pass next week.”

That’s love, deep in the heart

And I couldn’t be prouder

Of these two than in that moment

When I lost my breath

For just a second.