I choose joy

To fill my heart and mind

For all the goodness in

My life.


I choose joy

To lead my way through today

And the adventures

I have yet to experience.


I choose joy

To let me be me

Without worry

Filling myself with

Compassion and love.


I choose joy.


Passion and Purpose

You are miracles

Of Faith and Hope,

True blessings from God.

You are stunning

Testaments to a mother’s love,

A father’s dream,

A life-changing pursuit

Of passion and purpose.

I am often left awestruck

In your presence,

Feeling all the magical moments

Of my two wise souls.

My heart breaks in

A million pieces when

You hurt, leaving me

Sad and powerless.

Love is my gift to you.

I simply ask that you

Be true to yourselves

In all that you do.

I Need

I need to be a better

Friend to myself,

One who cares about me,

Sees the good I have inside,

Loves me the way I love others.

I need to take care of me

Like I would anyone else

Who matters to me.

I need to let go more often,

Appreciate who I am

Like my friends do.

I need to stop the self-inflicted pressure

To be the one to always make

Tough situations work.

I need to treat myself with

Kindness, compassion, love

And stop worrying about

What others think.

I need to put myself first

For a change.

Long-Time Love

If you asked me the secret

To long-time love I would tell you this:

Know who you are

Do not try to change your lover

Acceptance of all the good and bad is key.

Be friends first and everything else

Will fall into place.

Don’t settle for comfort and routine

Keep rediscovering each other

Go on date nights

Hold hands, hug, cry, laugh, dance every chance you get

Create memories together

Support each other

Respect your partner’s soul

Know that dry spells happen

And that this too shall pass.

Patience and perseverance reap the

Greatest rewards of love that keeps

Growing in the darkest of nights.

Give more than you take,

Don’t hold grudges

Show your love more than talk about it

Love yourself so you can fully love

Without boundaries

And make love

Your priority.