Bruised Hearts

I am really trying to understand

The reasons for not including others to the

Table of life,

Not sharing the fun,

Hurting others, perhaps, unknowingly.

I am done with this charade,

This rodeo of getting knocked down

Every time we stand up again.

The pain is increasingly hard to ignore,

So I’ve taken control,

Shutting out the social world

Until our bruised hearts

Can heal themselves,

Once again.


I Have Not Told You

I have not told you how much I

Miss your laugh,

Miss our talks,

Miss our friendship,

Miss you.


I have not told you how much I

Hurt from your abandonment,

Hurt from your refusal to engage,

Hurt from your disappearance,

Hurt from you.


I have not told you how much I

Question what I did or didn’t do,

Question your reasons,

Question our separation,

Question you,

Question me.


I have not told you how much I

Wish I understood,

Wish I could forgive,

Wish I could let go,

Wish I could see you one more time.

You, Me, and Lily Tomlin

An evening with you

And Lily Tomlin

Filled my soul with

Laughter and happiness.

Our friendship has grown

So much this year,

Sharing our fondness

For Grace and Frankie while

We conducted The Search for Intelligent

Signs Of the Universe.

This journey led us to this night

Of witty insights about

The human condition

And thanking you for

Being one of the highlights

Of my year.