I See

I see the pain

I see the joy

I see the courage

I see the strength

I see the brilliance

I see the darkness.


I see the you you want to be

I see the you that you are

I see me in you

I see you in me.


I see it all.


Calm My Soul

Disruptive living

Creates chaos,

Conflict, and


That undo me.

Yesterday, my intention was

A request to God

To calm my soul,

In whatever comes my way.

I had no idea that I would

End up at the hospital

To find out if my mom

Had a heart attack (she did not).

Through the endless waiting,

I willed myself to be calm

For me as much as for her.

Her childlike wonder

Cast its own surrealism

As she didn’t know why she was there.

My heart broke several times

With the knowledge that

This is the beginning of a

Long ending.

Moms and Daughters

We are moms and daughters

Who love loving the people

In our lives.

We are women in different seasons,

From new teenagers to 80-something.

We watch our daughters in awe

As they talk about their lives–

The challenges and joys,

Laughter and tears,

Hopes and dreams.

Our mom selves listen intently

Before sharing our stories

From earlier lives

When we didn’t know our path.

Our journeys have molded us

Into our womanhood that we

Hope to pass on to our daughters

Gathered around today

To celebrate us.