Walk 32: Layers

Our lives are like

A cake of 100 layers.

Each experience,




Makes us who we are.

The sum of us

Is greater than the pieces

We pick up along the way.

God sees that,

Recognizing the gifts He gives us

Don’t always make sense.

Perspective takes time to

Understand, to embrace.

Each layer in our journey

Is a story to tell,

A gift to unwrap,

A piece of us to share.


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Walk #31: Anger Management


The end of an era

Churned inside me

As I walked by the sea

To calm my distraught self.

The inactions of a few

Affected the livelihoods of several

People I’ve worked with

Who no longer will be there


I kept fighting tears

In angry disgust, feeling




In my despair I looked up

To the sky to see a ray of hope

Amidst clouds of uncertainty.


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Walk #29: Disappointments

This week of disappointments

Feels as cold as the wind blowing

On my walk around the park.

The gray clouds mirror my mood

As I struggle to reconcile

The events that led me to this place.

Tears of anger,

Tears of frustration,

Tears of pain

Fall like the rain.

When your children experience

Life’s tough lessons

It’s a million times harder

To swallow the hurt.


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Walk #27: One Year

WordPress informed me

That my blog has been up

For one year.

As I walk around the lake

On this spring break

I reflect on this past year,

Most especially on the

Incredible people I’ve met

On my blogging journey.

You have all been so supportive,

Encouraging me that my words matter,

Finding me like a needle in a haystack,

Carrying me through tough times,

Lifting me up in joyful moments,

Just by reading my poetry.

It has been a year of growth,

Of self-discoveries,

Of forging new friendships online and off,

Of finding my voice.

Thank you for all you’ve given me,

I hope I have given you something back

Each time you visit me in this space of

Words for Life.


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