I Need

I need to be a better

Friend to myself,

One who cares about me,

Sees the good I have inside,

Loves me the way I love others.

I need to take care of me

Like I would anyone else

Who matters to me.

I need to let go more often,

Appreciate who I am

Like my friends do.

I need to stop the self-inflicted pressure

To be the one to always make

Tough situations work.

I need to treat myself with

Kindness, compassion, love

And stop worrying about

What others think.

I need to put myself first

For a change.


16 thoughts on “I Need”

  1. Preach girl preach! So, so true on many levels. If we don’t take the time to take care of ourselves and relish all of our wonderful qualities, how can we transpose that sense of appreciation on others. Great post Robin!

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  2. Wow! What a great post, Robin! I loved this. So true, so important and so elegantly stated! We forget the importance of your words in our everyday life, don’t we? I guess that’s why they remind us on a plane during the emergency drill to fasten the oxygen mask on yourself first – so you can then aid others! A great thought to keep with us everyday!!
    Thanks so much for visiting my blog!!!

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