Long-Time Love

If you asked me the secret

To long-time love I would tell you this:

Know who you are

Do not try to change your lover

Acceptance of all the good and bad is key.

Be friends first and everything else

Will fall into place.

Don’t settle for comfort and routine

Keep rediscovering each other

Go on date nights

Hold hands, hug, cry, laugh, dance every chance you get

Create memories together

Support each other

Respect your partner’s soul

Know that dry spells happen

And that this too shall pass.

Patience and perseverance reap the

Greatest rewards of love that keeps

Growing in the darkest of nights.

Give more than you take,

Don’t hold grudges

Show your love more than talk about it

Love yourself so you can fully love

Without boundaries

And make love

Your priority.


6 thoughts on “Long-Time Love”

  1. Oh, this is beautiful Robin! If you want to, I’d love for you to contribute this to Forgiving Fridays. You may be aware, it’s a creative prompt for followers to share their stories, poems, photography, etc, on forgiveness and related topics. To me, this poem illustrates the great value in putting love first, in honoring each other, and in having the wonder in the little things in life and the people around us. ❤

    If you'd like to contribute, you can include #ForgivingFridays in your tags & a pingback to my latest post. (You're also welcome to contribute a different poem, or more than one, if you want to.) Here's my most recent one: https://forgivingconnects.com/2017/08/04/todays-forgiving-fridays-endless-compassion/

    Hope you are doing great, Robin. Lovely to reconnect with you,


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