I Love You, Mom

A call from ER

Pain gripping her senses

Infection running rampant

Cutting through her stomach

Not sure she’d survive the night

Praying for a miracle

Surviving emergency surgery

Feeling dazed

Friends and husband standing by

With their support

Has exhausted everything in me.

In ICU I saw her helpless

As the tube down her throat

Cut off her voice,

But her eyes said more than

Words could ever say

As they begged for help

While I walked away,

Tears running down my face.

Now out of ICU, her Alzheimer’s

Obliterates everything that has happened.

She does not know why she

Is in the hospital or

Why she is in pain.

She keeps asking the same questions

While all I can say is that

I love you, mom.


18 thoughts on “I Love You, Mom”

  1. Beautifully said. As the lucky man who is priveledged to be your husband, and shares your families pain and struggles, I am so proud of your talent to express these difficult emotions. I hope someone else who may be going through something similar might read this and be comforted knowing they are not alone. You…are not alone.

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