The push-pull of my

Spiritual life wears on me

As my connection with God

Ebbs and flows.

I am trying to find

My self,

My purpose,

My faith,

My God.

Feeling adrift in a spiritual desert,

I yearn for something more

That I can’t describe

But know I need to fill

This emptiness inside.

Standing at the crossroads

Of joy and sadness,

Faith and hope,

And everything in between

I pray to stop this churning

Of emotion and doubt

To find what I’m looking for.


8 thoughts on “Crossroads”

  1. Robin, I loved the part “I yearn for something more…That I can’t describe…But know I need to fill…This emptiness inside” I honestly have to say that you hit the nail on the head with this one for me; I really connected with your words. I’m always amazed at how you write a lot of elegant posts that seem to connect somehow to things going on in my life as well. Thank you so much for your words!

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