The Best Kind of Bot: The New Yorker’s Poetry Bot

Check this out! Receive poetry published in The New Yorker via Twitter or Facebook Messenger.

Kristen Twardowski

As many of you know, I am a poetry nerd, which is why I am incredibly excited to share The New Yorker’s new Poetry Bot.

By following the Bot on Twitter or Facebook Messenger, people can receive excerpts from different poems every day for the next three months. The poems have been chosen by The New Yorker’s poetry editor and coordinator and include works by Audre Lorde, Dorothy Parker, Joseph Brodsky, and many, many more.

Poetry Bot.PNG

To begin following the Bot, simply follow the instructions listed at The New Yorker’s post. This is a great way to discover new poets, and I’m thrilled that it exists.

And fun fact: the Bot was created by the same folks who made an interactive fortune-telling bot and the Harry Potter-esque “Sorting Bot”, which sorted followers into Hogwart’s houses using rhyming quatrains. Technology really can be grand.

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