Walk #15: Serendipity

It was the kind of mid-afternoon

That you felt a storm coming on,

Clouds rolling in against

The backdrop of ocean waves

As we walked on the boardwalk,

You taking me through your

Old neighborhood from years past,

Recalling many happy times.

In between the reminiscing

Silence fell upon us, lost in our thoughts.

We didn’t plan for this time together

But it was a gift of the most

Serendipitous kind,

As our respective mornings were full of emotions

That needed a friend who would

Listen without judgement,

Letting the other talk as much

Or as little as needed.

The afternoon soon turned into

Evening as we easily spent

Hours in conversation,

Letting the world pass us by,

Trying to make sense of it all

While finding solace

In our friendship.


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