Decades of Me

In my 20s, I searched all around

To find myself, my purpose in life.

I was on hot pursuit to find love

With all the wrong men.

Then I stopped looking

And found my love next door.


In my 30s, I became his wife,

Learning what that meant,

Embracing my new role

With all my being.

Then life tested us

In several ways,

Blessing us with twins

In the end.


In my 40s, I took on motherhood,

Wifehood, careerhood

With everything I had,

Marveling at how multitasking

Became my default mode.


Now, in my 50s,

I am enjoying reconnecting

With me, my passions, my joys

To find more balance in life,

In love,

In everything I do

To bring joy to me

To bring joy to you

To bring joy to us.


25 thoughts on “Decades of Me”

      1. I was thinking the same the other day honey! how younger people act as if its something to look down at almost ppl in their 20s and 30s look to older woman as if they are not as beautiful when lets face it babe we are so much more beautiful as we near 50 never mind once we pass it! life is incredible when you understand it! and nothing does that better then turning 50 if ya ask me! haha!

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  1. What a great poem Robin! I just turned 50 this year and I too reflected back on my life. This was simply AWESOME! THANK YOU for sharing this! It’s comforting to know that your experiences and thoughts are similar to mine. I always look forward to your posts.

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  2. I forgot to count after sixteen
    And when you reminded me
    Looked back and realized
    I never stopped growing
    Ageing must be very relaxing
    Because I feel at peace
    Turmoils of youth long past
    Looking forward to the journey
    To the great unknown
    When I wake up every morning
    Realize schedule keeps on slipping

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