Date Night

We reserve the second

Saturday night of each month

For date night.

Last night was a beautiful one,

Indulging ourselves in a

Fancy theater that

Served food and wine

While we lost ourselves in

La La Land, the perfect movie

For a night with my soul mate.

Later, we talked about our dreams

And our love over a port and beer

In a charming little wine bar

Over candlelight and music.

We ended the night at home

Remembering our early times together

And sparking our passion

With a renewed sense of us.


9 thoughts on “Date Night”

    1. Thanks, Steve! I agree with you. Last year I sent a calendar invite to my husband to have a monthly date night that has no end date. We’ve been married almost 20 years and it’s good to be reminded of who we were before we became parents.

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      1. You said the key word there – parent. My girl has two young children by her previous man. They put an inordinate strain on our relationship and have threatening it’s stability and survival on more than one occasion. Different situation, I know, but there it is. I think my stresses are primarily due to my not being their biological Father. There’s only so much I can say and do, with and for them – they not being mine, if that makes sense? Apologies for the long rattling response!

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      2. That makes total sense. Thanks for sharing. We have twins who just turned 13. Last year we were able to start leaving them alone at home for a few hours here and there. It has helped us refocus on us a little bit when we can step out every now and then. Good luck with everything!

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