Walk #3: Thanksgiving

Motivated by my friend,

The Poetry Channel,

I took a pre-Thanksgiving dinner walk

Through the neighborhood

With my oldest (by 10 minutes) daughter

Who kept several

Paces ahead of me.

Talk was minimal

But love was abundant

On this beautiful day.

See also About 100 Walks.


8 thoughts on “Walk #3: Thanksgiving”

  1. Good deal. I slowly worked my way up to 3 hr (10 mile) walks that I even did in triple digit heat.
    Then after 3 years of that, quickly walked my way down to zero.
    Keep at it. Great for generating ideas. For me.

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    1. I had a similar experience (but in a shorter timeframe) when I trained for a 3-day walk of 60 miles. After I did it, I guess I felt burned out and then life just took over. Anyway, I’ll take things one step, one walk at a time.


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