Hurry Up Slow Down

Running out

Of time

Need to hurry

My life up

And slow it down

To do more of what

I want

Rather than what

I need to do.

Feeling time slipping

Clock ticking

Life fleeting

Makes me

Crazy, longing for

The quiet

Peace found in

The weekend morning hours

By myself.


7 thoughts on “Hurry Up Slow Down”

  1. Reblogged this on Philip Craddock Writing Portfolio and commented:
    Love the rhythm & rhyme in this poem. 🙂 Reblogged as a part of “Sharing Saturdays” on my site. Please follow Robin Baldwin & check out her other pieces.

    If you’d like to be featured on my site during the next Sharing Saturday, please check out

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  2. So true! Those precious hours of solitude not only go along way to refresh the spirit, but make you wonder why stillness and quiet and living at a slower pace isn’t the norm instead of the exception. I think about this all the time and cherish the space in my weekends. ❤

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