“Locker Room Talk”

A candid response to the implications of locker room talk.

Be Gentle.Be Beautiful.

I’m a woman. So despite growing up in locker rooms, my experience with locker room talk is likely quite different than Mr. Trump’s. Or any man’s for that matter. I’m guessing my experience with sexual assault is a little different too. To understand why this whole “locker room talk” issue isso important to me, we have to start the story back when I was much younger….

Girls Locker Room: Middle School

Thelocker room was where I mastered the art of replacing my regular bra with my sports bra, and then back again without ever exposing a breast: a critical skill ofthe times. It was also a place with dry showers.Very few were comfortable enough to fully expose our bodies. Theywere growing in weird places, with hair and odors,and some of us were able to get pregnant now which didn’t make ANYsense because we were children ourselves.

Boys and grown men…

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