These Girls

These girls,

I gave them life,

From every cell I had to offer.

They are part of me,

I am part of them.

Together, every minute,

They go through days

And nights.

Deciding to let them

Experience being apart

Has its consequences

Of the most parental kind.

Did we do the right thing?

Will one have a better time?

These questions

Keep me up at night

As I pray for

These girls of mine.


10 thoughts on “These Girls”

  1. Love this! We always wonder if we got it right. If their bad choices are because of our bad decisions; if some of their beliefs are totally opposite of ours because we sent the wrong message or were bad examples. It’s hard for parents to realize that while we are not the sole influencers of our children, we are still the best influence for them. 😉

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