50 and Beyond


And so I have arrived,

Climbing the great mountain

Of years from 0 to 50

Along the way, I’ve met some awesome people–

Loving parents and sister,

Circle of friends that run deep,

A man who accepts and loves me,

Beautiful, caring, smart, funny daughters.

I’ve had some pretty incredible moments, too–

Winning second place in a Bicentennial art contest,

Becoming yearbook editor,

Traveling to Europe,

Graduating with honors,

Falling in love with my next-door neighbor

(And then marrying him),

Watching a cancer battle,

Giving birth (to twins!),

Fighting depression,

Seeing my parents age and all that comes with it.

From where I stand

I see the landscape of my life behind me,

But I can also envision all that’s yet to come–

Growing old with my husband,

Renewing our wedding vows,

Guiding our girls to adulthood,

Watching them find love,

Traveling to Australia, Greece, Nashville,

Publishing a book (!),

Retiring some day,

Paying it forward,

Loving, living, being



Photo credit:  www.pixabay.com


23 thoughts on “50 and Beyond”

  1. Happy Birthday Robin!!! You are an amazing woman! I have such a deep level of admiration for you and the family you have created. My life is truly better having you as a friend, thank you for you. And looking back on your life only insures that if you made it this far and you’re still alive to tell your tells, then you can make it through anything 😘😉😘😉😘😉🎂🎂🎂🎂🎂

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