Is That All There Is?

Meeting deadlines,

Managing projects,

Leading people,

Fulfilling promises,

Servicing customers,

Juggling tasks,

Developing products,

And so on and so on.

All our talent and brilliance

May be underutilized

Forcing us to face

This sobering thought:

Is that all there is?

If tomorrow never comes

Have we fulfilled our dreams,

Realized our potential,

Made a difference in this world,

Put forth the best version of ourselves?


8 thoughts on “Is That All There Is?”

  1. The fact that you make poetry shows that work isn’t “all there is”. You also

    Inspire with your words and deeds

    Raise wonderful, caring, praying girls

    Lead by example

    Care for your parents, family and friends

    Put love into the world

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  2. Definitely there is more to each second of our life, much more. Work is for earning a living and in turn we practice a skill and share our personality. We have more than one skill, and various virtues to express in each and every interaction.

    You have a beautiful way with words – just lovely

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