Sadness and Grief

This deep sadness and grief

Gnaws at me in unexpected ways.

Death is tough to accept

But even more so when

Someone dies in their prime

On vacation leaving behind

A lovely wife.

My heart is heavy thinking

About what she’s going through

As I pass his office at work.

I have a meeting with him

At 2 pm my calendar tells me

But I can’t bring myself to delete it

Just yet.

As a leader-manager

I try to hold my head up

To be a good example

As I reach for the tissue box

On my desk.



4 thoughts on “Sadness and Grief”

  1. So Sad. Since I lost my dad 23 years ago, I always say to myself at least, I had the honor of him being my dad, the time we shared and the things we learnt. I believe we are all spirits/soul and the soul is immortal. The soul has to leave a body when it’s part is finished with that family and it take birth to another family and expresses it self with another set of human being. Believing in this made me easier to let go of dad – I am his baby always… and i will for ever miss him, but I felt only last week, that he came a visited us in spirit while my mum and I where have a quiet breakfast together.

    Lovely poem, lovely way to let out the pain of loss.

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