Best Friends

On this milestone day

I’d like to say all the things

I wish you knew.

My life changed when

We met in 7th grade math and became best friends.

You helped me through our teenage years,

Always making me laugh with your quick wit.

We shared our ups and downs

Supporting each other when

Searching for ourselves in our twenties,

Wondering what our future had in store for us.

Our thirties gave us more shared adventures

But my favorite memory was the day

You witnessed my hips transform into

Shelves in my final weeks of pregnancy.

You became Aunt Stacy the day the girls arrived.

We crashed into our forties

During my early years of motherhood,

So much of that time is a bit of a blur.

This decade brought new challenges

For us both as we learned a

Thing or two about taking care of our parents.

Now, as 50 descends upon us,

I am struck by the fact that

My daughters are the age

When we cemented our friendship.

I pray that they each find that one friend

Who will always be there

To celebrate life’s great joys and sorrows,

To lift them up, cheer them on,

And love them for who they are

Just as I have loved you.

Cheers to 50 and many more!


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