A Love to Remember

Mom said she

Loved me,

Boasting how proud she

Is of me.

This is the love

I must remember

When her mind stops

Telling her I am

Her daughter.


14 thoughts on “A Love to Remember”

  1. Adult to adult mother/daughter relationships are some of the most complex (IMHO) from an observers POV. But if you are dealing with a loved one ‘s Alzheimer’s, you have my empathy.
    If this is just a poem, pardon my reading it like a journal entry. I get that a lot with my fictional poems too.

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    1. You read it correctly. My mom has Alzheimer’s. I wanted to capture the love I know she has for me. Because the disease is masking so much of who she is. And, it’s still in the early stages. Thanks for reading and commenting!

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      1. From what I have read/heard/seen, it’s so challenging. I hope you have support. Enjoy the time when she is herself, so to speak. The poem captures a wonderful attitude toward the memories.

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  2. She knows not what her mouth says,
    a mind no longer anchored, a broken link.
    She hears as if through a misted haze
    Wandering through assorted time in a blink.
    No order to thought or times present or past
    Just particles captured on a thread that won’t last.

    😇 but somewhere her love is waiting to remember.

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