Serious Soul

Why did God give me

The gift of the serious soul?

You know, that person who is

Quiet, contemplative, and

More comfortable alone

Than with groups.

Try as I might, the forces of

My true nature are beckoning

To let me be me.

I have often felt

The need to apologize for

Not being the life of the party

When everyone laughs

I play along when really

I’d prefer the safe world

Of books and writing

That nourish

My serious soul.


3 thoughts on “Serious Soul”

    1. I’m glad you enjoyed it. I straddle the whole extrvert-introvert spectrum, but am definitely most comfortable in the introvert zone. But the various roles I live often force me to be much more outgoing 😊

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      1. I can feign extrovert qualities when working because I have to but outside of work I’m far from it. It is like a switch flips in my mind at work that allows me to socialize as required but as soon as I get out of work, it flips back off.

        I am completely unable to fake being social when not at work.

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