Fast Lane Exit

I feel it in my bones,
The need to escape
From the ordinary
Of everyday life
A break from routine,
My tired, worn out spirit.
It’s hard to focus
In this state of being.

Get me off this fast lane
So I can see the good
In the world again
Feel joy in my heart
Laughter in my soul
Relax my mind
Embrace life
As God intended.


4 thoughts on “Fast Lane Exit”

  1. You won’t believe how much this poem resonates with me. I feel I have been on the fast lane for the best part of my last 20 years. I’m so, so, so tired of it, of the speed, of the way life rushes me by, and the joy and laughter that has gone missing little by little until hardly any of it was left. I so feel it in my bones, too, that I have to leave. Only, I think nobody can get me off it but me. I might just have to take the lane next exit, I fear…

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    1. I’m still trying to work getting of that exit. I did briefly this weekend but then have been sick the last few days. I’m pretty sure it’s stress related. I think God is telling me to a longer break! I wish you the best in doing what you need to do to get off the fast lane. At least for a little while.

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