The Restoration Hours

My thoughts jumble
Together as I prepare
For an hour dedicated
Just for me.
Sifting through the
Fields of my mind
To recall events and feelings
That make up who I am.
Wanting to get it just right
For the hour passes quickly
As I try to figure out
How to cope and
Stay strong when all
I feel is the crumbling weight
Of the world on my shoulders.
Even though I pray for strength of
Mind, body, and soul
I often keep all this inside
Until it spills out of
Me unexpectedly, usually
In tears over something unrelated.
These hours restore me
Until the next time.


2 thoughts on “The Restoration Hours”

  1. Love this poem! I can so relate. The little time we have for ourselves is so out of proportion with the amount of time that we don’t. Tears do help to relieve the pressure that’s building up as a result. It shouldn’t have to be that way, shouldn’t it?

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