Long Ago

It’s been a really
Long time since I felt
The need for you to
Hug me and tell me
It will be alright.
This week I needed that
As I kept doling it out
To my loved ones.
Their tears and hugs
Reminded me of my own
When you used to easily wipe
Them away with your love.
Though I know you’re
Quite capable of doing
So now, I am not so
Sure you would understand why
Or would remember
What I had just told you.
So I will keep that person
From long ago a memory in
My heart, safe from
The reality of today.


4 thoughts on “Long Ago”

  1. Hi Robin,
    This is very touching. It reminds me to make sure my wife knows everything is alright. Sometimes all it takes is a look or a touch.
    I love reading your poetry.
    I ran into your blog at Jackie party.
    Thanks for the reminder.

    Liked by 1 person

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